Sustainable Green Print (SGP) is morphing into something your customers want, and your community expects.

It will mean more than “just another environmental logo” – it will tell your story about print. packaging and signage.

Join us as we begin the journey.

For now though, SGP is the industry’s environmental certification program run by the Print & Visual Communication Association that saves members money through reduced waste, and provides a verifiable green competitive edge. Based on ISO14001 framework, SGP is tailored to meet the needs of business and the demands of customers by affordably managing environmental expectations and responsibilities.

Sustainable Green Print recognises that one size DOES NOT fit all and is design specifically for the print, packaging and visual communication industry. Training is delivered via self-paced learning modules and personal contact with our national standards and accreditation manager. We do much of the work for you through our industry-specific resources that will show you how to:

  • comply with key environmental laws that impact on your business;
  • to manage environmental risks specific to your business;
  • develop control measures to prevent noncompliance with environmental laws and;
  • document actions, undertake internal audits and manage your EMS.

All SGP certification is audit driven and comprises comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS) documentation (worksheets, guides, and templates), and a support network.

Level 1 – is focused on waste, recycling, storage, and handling. SGP Level 1 is ideal for a small business that is looking to commence environmental compliance. It covers record-keeping; compliance; cleaner production practices and waste management, along with a simple Environmental Management System, which is your pathway to sustainability.
Level 2 – introduces additional levels of management and control including the tracking of waste streams and brings in a focus on your energy consumption and carbon footprint. SGP Level 2 provides key performance indicators for printing businesses covering waste, recycling, energy, water, incident management, storage and handling of printing chemicals, energy, and air emissions.
Level 3 – ensures your firm has a fully operational EMS that maximises the overall benefits of the SGP program. SGP Level 3 provides you with all the necessary groundwork including documentation and Key Performance Indicators customised to your printing company’s conditions. Your firm will also be prepared for full ISO 14001 certification, if desired and our certification and simplified and compliance costs reduced.


SGP provides:
  • standard environmental risk profiles for printers.
  • control measures to cover acceptable risk levels.
  • essential templated documents for your firm’s use.
  • industry-specific Key Performance Indicators for evaluation.
  • flexibility to achieve the level of environmental management and certification
  • a stepped approach to continuous improvement.
  • increased environmental responsibility.



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