Browse some of our most frequently asked questions and answers on Sustainable Green Print (SGP):

How do I become an SGP certified printer?
Take the four steps to certification which are:
1. Contact Printing Industries to discuss the option best suited for your business needs.
2. Enroll in the training course appropriate to your selected level.
3. Implement the required procedures within your company.
4. Successfully complete the audit assessment at the end of your implementation level.
What does it cost?
Level 1 – $600.
Level 2 – $1,500.
Level 3 (ISO14001 audit may attract a separate fee) – $3,500.
*All fees exclude GST.
You must be a full financial member of Printing Industries to commence & retain SGP certification.
How much does SGP differ from other programs?
SGP has already identified the industry environmental risks and associated control measures on your behalf. This will help printing business to save both time and money. You also have a choice of three industry-customised, audited and certified levels beginning from entry level (Level 1) and progressing through to Level 3 which prepares you for ISO14001.
Can I achieve ISO14001 certification through SGP?
Yes. It is specifically designed to prepare you for your ISO14001 audit.
What acknowledgement do I receive on my company’s successful completion?
You will receive a certificate acknowledging your Level of SGP compliance, display sticker artwork, the right to use the Sustainable Green Print logo indicating your participation and chosen achievement level as a promotional aide in your correspondence and marketing materials and on your website; registration as a certified Sustainable Green Print company.
I already have ISO14001. Can I get the SGP Level three certification?
Yes. On validation of the ISO14001 certification and by meeting the KPIs attached to Level Three during your audit. For Members who already have current ISO14001 certification, your fee is just $110 per annum + GST.
If I begin at Level 1, can I still proceed through to ISO14001, for example, in 12 months time?
All levels are linked progressing to Level 3 and beyond. If you start at Level 1 and want to complete Level 3 in 12 months time, your Level 3 training will include the Level 2 components required for you to achieve ISO14001. There will also be a cost saving since the Level 2 audit will not be required.
What help do I receive to complete my chosen certification level?
Every level is supported by manuals, workshops, other training materials and documentation. The training is provided as self paced learning where you use the tools we provide and work through the documentation yourself. Our staff will provide you with a reasonable amount of assistance however if you require more extensive support and onsite attendance additional fees will apply. External consultants are also available to assist companies with implementation at an additional cost.
If a company achieving SGP certification is a “trading as” entity, is the parent group entitled to claim or use the certification?
No. Only the named entity that has successfully implemented and completed the required audit for its chosen level and is identified on the Audit Completion Certification can claim the achievement.
How long do I have to complete my first company audit?
Up to 12 months from the completion of training.

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