In 2003 the Printing Industries Association of Australia (WA Region) collaborated with the Department of Environment and Regulation to develop an environmental initiative tailored to reduce waste within the printing industry.
This program has been absorbed into the wider Sustainable Green Print certification program.

With funding through the Waste Authorities ‘Waste Avoidance Resource & Recovery Account’ Green Stamp is now seen as an industry leader in environmental commitment.

Green Stamp is more than just a waste reduction strategy. It is a comprehensive environmental program which can be tailored to any printing, cleaning or sign making business and can assist with waste minimisation, reductions in energy consumption, hazardous chemical storage and handling, base line audits and much more.

Green Stamp will assist small to medium business go above and beyond their legal obligations and implement environmental practices that will help members move towards achieving industry best practices.

The program aims at identifying and overcoming the difficulties facing small to medium businesses when attempting to manage their day to day environmental impacts.

What does the Green Stamp program offer?
  • Confidential compliance checks and environmental assessments.
  • Annual review audits of your businesses environmental progress.
  • Industry specific environmental guidelines and fact sheets.
  • Environmental Product and Services Directory.
  • Simplified environmental management plans to assist businesses in identifying and addressing environmental issues.
  • Advice and assistance regarding environmental issues.
  • Access to Green Stamp logo to use as required.
  • Third party recognition of your environmental commitment.
  • Benefit from Green Stamp’s own marketing campaign to raise awareness.
Why is the Green Stamp important for your printing business?
  • Gives you a competitive edge within your industry and appeal to the growing market demand for environmentally friendly services.
  • Demonstrates third party recognition and gives credibility to your environmental commitment.
  • Can help you understand and identify environmental risks and impacts associated with your business.
  • It assists your business to better manage its environmental impacts by improving environmental performance through managing risk and taking advantage of opportunities that will boost efficiency.
  • Green Stamp develops a culture of environmental responsibility and hence makes your print business better placed to demonstrate its green credentials to customers and the public.
  • The program is rewarding to those who are incorporating environmentally sound practices by promoting them as industry leaders in environmental management.

Attaining Green Stamp certification is a great way to support environmental sustainability for a better future, as well as to promote to your environmental credentials to customers and staff that your business is doing their bit for the environment.

Want to make sure your business is environmentally friendly but not sure where to start?

The Green Stamp program can help your Printing, Sign Making or Cleaning business to reduce its environmental impact. Contact the Green Stamp Coordinator for a free baseline audit (site inspection) today!


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