Sustainable Green Print provides a choice of levels to suit the needs of business of all sizes and takes into account that ISO 14001 (Level 3 SGP). Training is provided at all levels to guide companies through their selected compliance level.

Level 1 is focused on waste, recycling, storage and handling. It covers record keeping, compliance and cleaner production practices and waste management. Initial 12 months training and certification fee $600+GST (re-certification $300pa)

Level 2 introduces additional levels of management including the tracking of waste streams and brings in a focus on your energy consumption. It provides key performance indicators covering waste, recycling, energy, water, incident management, storage and handling of chemicals, energy and air emissions. Initial 12 months training and certification fee $1,500+GST (re-certification $575pa)

Level 3 ensures your firm has a fully operational EMS that maximises the overall benefits of the SGP program. Your firm will also be prepared for full ISO 14001 certification, if required. Initial 12 months training and certification fee $3,500+GST. Your firm will also be required to pay the cost of an external and certified auditor to certify your initial SGP3 accreditation.  (re-certification $850pa)

Please direct initial SGP email enquires to [email protected] or call 1800 227425


  SGP Pricing as at November 2017 (excl GST)
Initial 12 month cost Recertification 12 months
SGP Level 1 $600 $300
SGP Level 2 $1,500 $575
SGP Level 3 $3,500 + external audit @ cost $850 or $110 if ISO accredited


Note: your business must be a financial member of the Print and Visual Communications Association to commence and retain the SGP certification.