Frydenberg addresses Energy Crisis

April 11, 2018 / Comments Off on Frydenberg addresses Energy Crisis


Calls by Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg in his National Press Club address for practical outcomes to be put ahead of ideologies in addressing national energy issues are strongly supported by the Printing Industries Association of Australia.
The PIAA welcomes Energy Minister Frydenberg’s comments acknowledging the overwhelming desire of business for a common-sense approach to policy on energy production and supply.
“Business needs confidence to invest, and business needs the cost of power to come down while ensuring the reliability of the grid. Policy must encourage a market-based solution that minimises the drain on the taxpayer through subsidies.

“We look forward to bi-partisan support; and for the federal, state and territory governments to put aside ideology; in the interests of keeping business viable and jobs in Australia”, said PIAA CEO Andrew Macaulay.