Measure print effectiveness by ROI

February 7, 2018 / Comments Off on Measure print effectiveness by ROI


As business owners and budget holders we know the importance of spending money only when we can see a return for that investment. Sometimes it is easy to measure that return in a direct one to one relationship, other times we have to settle for a correlation and a good feeling. But all the time, we need to know it is money worth spending.

Why then, should we take it on board when we hear that clients’ marketing dollars go further in digital media over printed channels?

Leaving aside the beauty and the tactile qualities that only print can deliver in building brand values, it may be a fair statement in relation to promotional marketing activity. But it is an answer to the wrong question.

The question should not be “How much does it cost?” but rather “What is the benefit of doing it?”

When we focus on the benefit of the activity and measure the Return on Investment (ROI), then we are able to see the value delivered by print, particularly when used as part of an integrated multi-channel approach.

If you would like access to research and slides of case studies to assist in that conversation then please contact us.

As an industry, it is also critical we challenge our partners and suppliers to provide tools that can assist us deliver value to our clients.

One such tool in the promotional mail sector is the recently launched Campaign Targeter brought to market by Australia Post. Campaign Targeter allows registered users to plan, promote and execute promotional mail campaigns using demographic, behavioural and psychographic profile matching.

The logic is simple … focus your activity on the primary target audience who are most likely to respond to the message, reduce wastage in production, increase ROI.

Lets focus the conversation on ROI rather than cost, and start demanding and using tools that increase the ROI for clients. When everyone wins from the activity, that is when we will see increased expenditure and growth.

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