Press Release – PIAA and Print Promotion

September 20, 2018 / Comments Off on Press Release – PIAA and Print Promotion


PIAA and Print Promotion proudly hosted Australia’s inaugural Print Media Management Conference in Melbourne on the 17th September and Sydney on the 18th September.


Over two days in Melbourne and Sydney PIAA members were addressed by experts and representatives from German manufacturers Kurz, IST, Heidelberg, Polar Mohr, Kolbus and H.C. Moog. The European presenters opened a window into the future of print, covering a broad range of topics from diversification to the improvement of manufacturing process.


According to presenters the European industry has witnessed considerable growth of web to print businesses and a steady transition of traditional print businesses into print and packaging businesses. There was a strong recognition from presenters of the impact of internationalisation on the industry and the opportunities which this has brought.


Print Promotion CEO Dr Markus Heering was keen to celebrate the two-day event telling attendees “It has been a pleasure to visit Australia and work with PIAA.” In his opening comments he acknowledged the European manufactures developing focus on Australia and the Australasian region. “Australia is an important and growing market place for European manufacturers. We look forward to building our relationships in the local industry and broader region in the years to come.”


PIAA CEO Andrew Macaulay echoed the growing significance of the Australian print and packaging industry. “Australia’s print and packaging market is transitioning, more international players are appreciating the benefit of Australia’s production reliability, qualified work force and close proximity to growing regional markets.”