SA Political Parties Under the Spotlight

March 14, 2018 / Comments Off on SA Political Parties Under the Spotlight


The hype of political noise is in full swing as we head to the South Australia State Election this weekend. But how do the political parties compare when it comes to policy that directly affects our industry? PIAA puts the political parties under the spotlight.

Andrew Macaulay, CEO of the Printing Industries Association of Australia, says, “PIAA advocates for good policy for our industry, regardless of political party. We have engaged every main party about the key policies they bring to the election and determined how they may impact our industry”.

“To provide practical information that is easy to digest, we compiled our analysis on an election scorecard. It provides our own top-level policy objectives, what each Party’s policy is, and subjectively measures how favourable those policies are towards industry”, Macaulay says.

“In line with the priorities that members determine for us, the key policy areas reviewed are:

  • Energy: immediate relief for industry, stable policy, lower prices and more reliable energy.
  • Education: increased funding of apprenticeships for print, promotion of VET, and career pathways into print from school.
  • Tax: reduced burden on small business and lower compliance costs.
  • Infrastructure: government/companies to ‘buy local’ and a commitment to upgrade transport in both urban and regional areas”.

View election scorecard now!

Be your own judge.