Sponsors get behind printing awards

September 21, 2017 / Comments Off on Sponsors get behind printing awards


Big industry players are showing their commitment to the celebration and promotion of the printing industry by committing to top-level sponsorships across all state Printing Industries Craftsmanship Awards and the 2018 National Print Awards.

Long-term supporter and contributor to the awards, Media Super, have again taken the prestigious position as presenting partner, and extended their support across all state and national awards. Graeme Russell, Chief Executive Officer for Media Super, says “A critical aspect of our philosophy is to give back to the industries we serve. We are committed to investing in the printing industry through a range of activities and the awards programme is one of the many ways we do that”.

“We are proud to bring you the Media Super Young Executive of the Year Award and the Media Super Industry Contribution Award. Together, these awards represent outstanding talent at different stages during one’s career. It’s vital we encourage the next generation and recognise the valuable contributions they’re making to the print industry, as well as acknowledge individuals who have made a significant contribution to the printing industry over a long period”, Russell said.

One of the three exclusive Gold Level sponsorships has been secured by Ball & Doggett.

Tony Bertrand, National Marketing Manager for Ball & Doggett says, “The National Print Awards reflects the pinnacle of excellence in printing. We’re excited to contribute to the success of this year’s event series as a Gold Level sponsor. As a new combined entity, Ball & Doggett is keen to show our commitment to the industry and our intent to continue our investment in it. Both companies that formed Ball & Doggett have in some form always supported the awards during its 35 year history and we’ll continue to do so.”

“Just as the awards have evolved over time to adapt and reflect changes within the industry, the need to offer different materials to our customers has also changed. In the past, we referred to ourselves as a paper merchant yet we now supply a range of materials to not only meet, but also inspire, changing trends in the marketplace. We hope to see some of these materials on show throughout the awards,” Bertrand said.

“This year we’re proud to bring you the Ball & Doggett ‘Judges Award’ and the Ball & Doggett ‘Highly Commended Award’ which reflect overall excellence across categories,” said Bertrand.

Chief Executive for Printing Industries, Andrew Macaulay, says, “We are thrilled to welcome Media Super and Ball & Doggett to top-level sponsorship positions, they are prepared to get behind these critical industry initiatives, that will see us not only celebrate but also promote what print is capable of in Australia. We urge other sponsors to get on board quickly, so they too can recognise the most value from the long-term sponsorship opportunity”.

There is broad industry support for the reinstatement of the state-based printing awards that will ensure that the National Print Awards are a true measure of the best of all entries from each state.

For more information visit: www.printingawards.com.au