Top 5 Priorities for Print – Print 2 Parliament!

September 9, 2019 / Comments Off on Top 5 Priorities for Print – Print 2 Parliament!


Join PVCA for a cocktail party, drinks and canapes, with the print and packaging industry leaders from across the country in the splendid Mural Hall, Parliament House Canberra to share the best in print with politicians and policy makers.

On 23rd October 2019 PVCA is displaying the National Print Award winners in the Mural Hall, to showcase the value of the print and packaging industry. When we gather in Parliament House we aim to discuss the Top 5 Priorities for Print. Familiarise yourself with the top 5 and book tickets here:

Top 5 Priorities for Print

  1. Reliable and affordable energy
  2. Increased funding for skills training and print apprenticeships
  3. A simpler industrial relations system to boost productivity
  4. Increased government recognition of our environmental accreditation program – Sustainable Green Print
  5. Australia first procurement

The exhibition is proudly sponsored by Media Super.