A wake-up call for Australian productivity

October 27, 2017 / Comments Off on A wake-up call for Australian productivity


“The five-year productivity review issued by the Productivity Commission to government this week is a real wake-up call for Australia”, says Andrew Macaulay, Chief Executive Officer for Printing Industries Association of Australia.

The review is the first of its kind to assess the factors and influences that may affect Australia’s economic performance over the medium term, in order to advise where priorities should lie if we are to enhance national welfare.

“This fundamental document will govern the political priorities and policies for the next 2-5 years, and I’m thrilled that education has been highlighted as a key driver of prosperity and benefit to all Australians,” Macaulay said”

“The acknowledgement by the Commission that vocational training is in ‘disarray’ aligns to what we observe in the printing, packaging and allied sectors. Investment by all governments is well down and the apprenticeship system is in crisis. Overall, apprenticeship numbers have collapsed from 500,000 to 275,000 in the last five years. These are lost jobs and lost opportunities for young people and our industries.”

“We urgently need a national system. Currently, apprenticeship skills, qualifications and timeframes vary from state to state and territory to territory and businesses have to deal with eight different jurisdictions. This is costly, time consuming and very frustrating. To regain our international competitiveness as a nation and secure the jobs of today and tomorrow for our people, we need to act in a nationally coordinated way.”

Macaulay says, “We need a national campaign to promote apprenticeships to young people as an exciting path into a job and career”.

“The Printing Industries Association of Australia welcomes the Commission’s call for a ‘new policy model’. There are many areas that are not working. These must be addressed urgently before Australia is left behind.


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