Call for nominations for Member Consultative Committee.

June 6, 2018 / Comments Off on Call for nominations for Member Consultative Committee.

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Member Consultative Committees are being established in each State. If you are interested in participating in this member leadership initiative, please lodge your expression of interest before close of business Friday 22nd June to [email protected], subject heading “nomination for Member Consultative Committee”.
The limited Constitutional mandate of the Standing Committee meetings has not led to a dynamic engagement structure. The twice annual nature of the meetings tends to make them a summit, rather than a consultative forum, which was their intent.
Member feedback, nationally, has suggested that as well as regular Standing Committee meetings, that a permanent Member Consultative Committee be formed in each State.
Your Board has supported this initiative.
This structure will enable a constant feedback to your Board via the State Director, rather than the irregular feedback that is the current model, and will also create a critically missing element of succession planning for the State Director roles. The Association is seeking to rejuvenate and refresh these leadership roles, which had become entrenched. It is hoped that the next generation of industry leadership will emerge through this process.
In each State, the State Director will be seeking expressions of interest from up to three full members to form the Member Consultative Committee. The Member Consultative Committees will convene monthly, via telephone.
The formal Standing Committees for all members, held bi-annually, will continue to be held.