New Office Bearers at Printing Industries

Chris Segaert - National Honorary Secretary

January 22, 2018 / Comments Off on New Office Bearers at Printing Industries

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Two new office bearers have assumed responsibilities at Printing Industries Association of Australia.

Chris Segaert has stepped into the position of National Honorary Secretary, effective Friday 19th January 2018.

The position of National Honorary Treasurer has been filled by Ron Patterson of Victoria.

Walter Kuhn, President of Printing Industries Association of Australia, says “Chris’ longstanding service to the Printing Industries board brings a valuable depth of insight and experience to the secretarial role”.

Printing Industries CEO, Andrew Macaulay, says, “As the association extends its policy lobbying initiatives and seeks to deliver top-quality valuable member services in an efficient manner, it is vital our board keeps being reinvigorated. We urge the next generation to nominate for elected positions that will occur in September 2018”.

Both positions were filled as a result of the annual nomination of office bearers in line with the rules of the association.