Printing Industries continue to empower members in industrial relations

June 21, 2018 / Comments Off on Printing Industries continue to empower members in industrial relations

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Printers are encouraged to take advantage of a national series of industrial relations seminars with Paul Mitchell, National Workplace Manager for PIAA.
The first meeting on Tuesday was warmly received with printers in Brisbane eager to understand and discuss the latest developments in workplace relations.
Feedback from participants was that the meetings were informative and productive for our Queensland membership, and participants gained confidence in their understanding of managing risk associated with industrial relations matters.
Of particular interest is understanding how long service leave operates in the visual communications sector, and why it is valuable to be a member of our Association. One example of immediate financial benefit to members is that members of our Association, only have responsibility to pro rata long service leave after 10 years, not 7. This is an agreement between PIAA and the union which is enforceable only for members of PIAA.
Paul said “We exist to serve the industry and in these times of increased complexity surrounding workplace rules, laws and regulations, it is in your company’s interest to take advantage of these educational seminars, which are just one of the many ways PIAA is able to provide tangible financial value to our members. “
“A member of our industry association is more likely to be compliant with Fair Work legislation. In fact, the Fair Work Ombudsman has found that members of industry associations are less likely to receive punitive action from the Commission. This is because you invest in your compliance. You invest in the regulatory integrity of your business. And you invest in your Association who are always here to guide you through the maze of the Australian workplace relations system.”
Tuesday’s seminar was the first in a national series for members to discuss current workplace relations topics. Mitchell is conducting further meetings in Adelaide today, Perth tomorrow and Sydney and Melbourne next week, register today to avoid disappointment.

Industrial Relations Seminar Series

To contact PIAA about any workplace relations please contact our member hotline [email protected] or call 1800 835 167